Tuesday, November 1, 2011

BONUS POST! It's a rant.

It irks me when people say "I did my first half marathon with only a thirty minute run a week before for training, it took me 2:15, but I'm soooooo not a natural runner."

YES YOU ARE so go run away and allow me to be slow and demonstrate what an ACTUAL non-natural runner is like.

Rant over!

a running tour!

OK this is sort of the worst running tour ever, as I miss nearly every major landmark in the city. But, here we go nonetheless! These were actually taken during a walk with the dog, who also makes an appearance in the tour!

Stop #1! The path on the way to the beach, and some large cement things left over from the old Gardiner Expressway.

Stop #2: Now we are at the beach!

Kites! When it's windy, there are kite flyers and kite boarders galore. Also there are lots of stand-up paddlers, and I would like to try that but it is prohibitively expensive.

Stop #3: Looking back at the skyline. Now we are on the way back home.
You can see the CN Tower. It used to be the world's tallest free-standing structure, but I think something in Dubai has surpassed it. It's pretty fun to go up, and now you can pay a bunch of money to walk around OUTSIDE ON THE EDGE. I have heard it is very thrilling.

Stop #4: Park with fountain - also a water fountain. A nice stop, since I usually need water at this point, about 8k in.

That's not the fountain I drink from, in case you were wondering. There's a nice little boardwalk around the fountain.

Stop #5 Is back at home. This is one of my neighbour's roses. I can't grow pretty things (FACT! I started my masters degree in the agriculture department. But my prof transferred, so I did to. I felt it was misleading for me to have an MSc agriculture with my terrible plant skills).

And here is a bones picture of the pooch, who is snoring away right now.