Thursday, June 23, 2011

I updated my "about me."

I updated my "about me" profile, because I am really really interesting and everyone wants to know about me!

What do you mean I am delusional?

OK, fine, agree to disagree.

oh hay hay I'm back

I heart the desert. I think I could stay in the Mojave or Death Valley forever! Yes, I may have googled the salary and job requirements to be a California park ranger.

Half Dome cables were down, but waterfalls had a landmark year, so we did some good 6/7 milers and got soaked, both with waterfall and sweat!

Being back at work is good but it feels like I never left. Getting up in the morning has been rough, but my day was seriously improved by my conversation with a friend, who works in medical device recalls:

FRIEND:  so. this dude called to complain about expired condoms
but it turns out that he boought them from a 99cent bin at a dollar store

FRIEND:  So now we have to go to the dollar store and tell them that they are not allowed to sell expired product

Definitely a "Is this really my life?" moment.

Friday, June 3, 2011

My last luxurious shower for a while.

This morning I enjoyed my shower as it will be my last pleasant shower for a while. I'm off on vay-cay today!

Yes, there will probably be showers at some of the parks, but a public shower and a camping towel and a sample of shampoo ain't the same as my own nice body wash and shampoo.

I think the one thing we are doing that will make the greatest improvement in our camping experience is that we are buying pillows when we get down there. No camping "pillows"! They're small and slippy and do not a good sleep make.

Lots of hikes planned, lots of camping, lots of winery-ing (yeah that's a verb) and lots of eating food that is terrible for me and I would not normally eat at home: We've mapped out all the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives places along our route!

And, I'm off!