Thursday, June 23, 2011

oh hay hay I'm back

I heart the desert. I think I could stay in the Mojave or Death Valley forever! Yes, I may have googled the salary and job requirements to be a California park ranger.

Half Dome cables were down, but waterfalls had a landmark year, so we did some good 6/7 milers and got soaked, both with waterfall and sweat!

Being back at work is good but it feels like I never left. Getting up in the morning has been rough, but my day was seriously improved by my conversation with a friend, who works in medical device recalls:

FRIEND:  so. this dude called to complain about expired condoms
but it turns out that he boought them from a 99cent bin at a dollar store

FRIEND:  So now we have to go to the dollar store and tell them that they are not allowed to sell expired product

Definitely a "Is this really my life?" moment.

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