Friday, March 11, 2011

It was a greenhouse effect under my jacket.

Last night was my first night attending the Nike Runner's Lounge Girls' Night Out Run Club. In some ways it was great and some ways, not so much.

PRO: Got to try a nice little jacket out!

CON: It was pouring rain and I couldn't see anything because my glasses were fogged and wet.

PRO: We got smoothies after the run!

CON: They made me do squats and lunges before the run.

PRO: I got a free t-shirts!

CON: It got wet because the cute jacket was water-resistant, not repellant.

PRO: It was only 3.5km!

CON: It was the worst 3.5km of my life.

Overall I'll definitely go back and I think it'll be much better when it's lighter out, and not raining. It was great having somewhere to leave my stuff and you can try out shoes, gear, and iPod stuff for free. The pace was good, other people were going my speed. Next week there will be a "special treat," and I love treats, so I will be there!

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