Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bad news, and also some more bad news!

According to Mr. Half Dome's blog, odds of the cables being up for early June are slim to none - dream of doing Half Dome is nearly dead in the water.

I'm upset, but also slightly relieved - it's a brutal hike, and there are also some other hikes around there that sounded pretty awesome. But yeah, there's a large part of me that would have loved to check that off my list!

The more bad news? I have been running once in a week and a half. What started as a mild shin issue is now a fairly major shin issue. I was having trouble with picking my toes up during stride (dorsiflexion), my shin just felt weak and tight and I kept slapping my foot against the ground.

Googling led me to think it was compartment syndrome (mild), and a friend who is a physical therapist agrees with my suspicion. Basically, the sheath around the muscle is "too tight." Diagnosis is rest, icing, anti-inflammatories, and some stretching.

My other approach, which I've been considering for a while, is to try "POSE running," which places a lot less stress on the heel, less on the shin, and is supposedly just 'better for you.' It involves a forefoot landing.

Here's a good video that really shows the difference between the heel and forefoot landing:

It looks kind of dorky, but I am not too concerned. I already look dorky with my knee socks and reflective vest. Tomorrow's run club is a 5k, so I might try it out then (and then go home and rest and ice a lot!)


  1. Have you tried this at all? I have been trying to more consciously land on my midfoot as opposed to my heel, not due to having any injuries, but more because I'm worried about future injuries from running so much. I just bought a pair of Merrell Pace glove shoes (look them up - Vibram soles, but no toe compartments). To be honest, I kinda thought they looked cool, but I was also thinking I'd try wearing them for my trail running this summer, after I'm done with my May 22 half marathon. Not sure if this is a good idea or not...something about "if it aint broke, don't fix it"...

  2. I did try it! The first few times I was WAY too much on my toes and got incredible calf soreness. I've settled on something that is more mid-foot and seems to be working a lot better. I'm also trying to remember to do my compartment stretches before running and a bit of warm up.

    Those pace glove shoes sound really cool, since I'm not a fan of the Vibram look and am way too insecure to pull them off (yes although I wear knee socks and a reflective vest). I definitely want to go more minimalist - the new balance minumus shoes look neat too.