Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm stuck in a vicious cycle!

The cycle: I can't get to sleep. I am whupped in the morning. I don't go running. But then, because I didn't get up and go running at 5.45am, I am not tired when I go to bed!

In my defense, the weather has been less that optimal, it's been quite cold - and crazy! windy. 

I haven't been running in 5 days, but I've been elliptical-ing to compensate, and I get 9km of brisk walking in (to/from work), so at least I can still justify the handfuls of Skittles I was eating the other day as "fuel."

Also, great news, we got our permits for Half Dome! Only 300 were available for each day, and the majority were gone in about 4 minutes! A lot of people seem to book flights/make reservations before getting permits, and don't get them. I am SO relieved we're not in that group!


  1. I don't know if I could run in the morning... I haven't been because it's dark when I leave for work.. but I would love to get it out of the way earlier. As it is, I schedule it for either lunch (which my co-workers love) or immediately after work..

  2. @Sarah - The morning is the only time where I really have no excuse not to bail! I can't at lunch (I'm a sweaty beast girl, no showers at work) and I'm too likely to write it off once I get home!

    Mornings are hard at the start, but it's great to start my day with a run/get it out of the way!