Monday, July 18, 2011

Reading while running

Well, technically not really reading and running, but I started (ok, have done it once) to run while listening to an audiobook instead of music. 

I thought it would have trouble keeping people straight and remembering what was happening, but it was actually very engaging and I wanted to keep running to find out what happened!

Here's what was key for me:

- A "simple" book. War & Peace or A Tale of Two Cities might not be the best choice for doing this, pick something with a few main characters and a single major plot.

- A sequel to something I have already read. I'm 'reading' the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy. I already know the main characters and how they're related, so I'm not always thinking "Who was that again?"

- A "junk" book. I would normally be slightly embarassed to be reading a book for teenagers, but no one knows what I'm listening to! I can listen to teen lit to my heart's content without the librarian judging my simple tastes! (I know, one of my followers is a librarian, and I don't think you actually judge people on what they take out. I hope.)

I think the Harry Potter series would also be great for this, and I've been meaning to re-read them anyway. I am actually looking forward to running in 35oC weather so I can listen to more books!

Also, I love this!:

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  1. Hey girl! I wanted to tell you I was not laughing at his speed, I go 3.5 a lot! My comment was because of the way he was trying to actually run (not speed walk) at that speed made for a very interesting workout. After being injured I am ALL FOR taking it as slow as you need to but I also know you have to go a little faster than 3.5 if you're going to "run." Thanks for reading my blog!