Thursday, July 28, 2011

Running manifesto

I got this from Lazy Girl Running, and liked it, so here are my answers!

Running is…hard work!
Running is not…always going to be awesome. Sometimes it sucks.
I run…so I can eat candy and not feel guilty.
I run for…the way it makes me feel, like I've accomplished something.

I run because…I want to be healthy and ready for the zombie apocalypse, or to star in an action movie.
I run when…I have time!
I run with…the most embarrassing pop music, and audiobooks.

I have never run…and regretted it after.
I have always run…to the best of my abilities that day
I run in spite of…the fact that it's not easy and makes me gross and sweaty.
I don’t run…when it's above 40 with the humidex. TOO HOT!
I should run…more, faster, longer!
I might run…through the winter again, in the snow and the ice.
I will run…a 20km+ run this fall!

Would love to see yours, my two dear followers!

1 comment:

  1. I love this!!!!!
    I think i'm a follower now too, at least if i did it right, my comments don't seem to be working on your blog?
    And i laughed out loud about the zombie apocalypse :)