Tuesday, July 12, 2011

you guys! I got a dog!

Yes I am a terrible updater, I own up to that.

But in return, here are pictures of my adorable dog!

And here she is, smiling!
She's half lab, half mystery, and 100% cute.

She's 4 and her name is Mia. We got her from a foster group, but she was actually brought up from a shelter in Kentucky, and she's been dreamy. No chewing anything, no 'accidents' in the house, no biting, super chill with other dogs.

Downsides: Likes to rise at 5.30am, obsessed with chasing squirrels, sheds like a demon! But we're willing to overlook these things!

I'm trying to get her to run with me. She'll trot along at a good pace for a few clicks, but the pace is definitely slower than my regular run. I'm going to whip her into running form!


  1. Congrats on the new pup! It seems like so many dogs in adoptions groups come from shelters in Kentucky! We got our greyhound a week before she turned 4 (she'll be 9 later this month!!), and while I am curious to know what she was like as a puppy, I greatly appreciate that she came to us crate-trained and house broken and that we had no puppy-chewing-phase. How big is she, pretty close to lab size? I hope she comes around to running with you!

  2. She's definitely mid-size, about 40 pounds. I agree on being glad we missed out on the puppy phase, and doesn't require *too much* training (squirrel ignoring would be nice though).

    I'm so crazy about her!