Friday, September 16, 2011

Lululemon/Ivivva fit comparison - Rhythmic crop II *gym

Hey you know how I'm really cheap? It's true! I wanted new inspire crops from Lulu, but 86$? Do not like. So, I checked out the Ivivva sizing and in theory, I am a bang on size 14. So, I got some crops to try.

I got the Rhythmic crop II *gym (48$, + less tax on kid's clothes). They're made of power luxtreme and have a waistband pocket in the back. They're plain black.

I find in Lulu I'm usually *right* between a 4 and a 6, and get indecisive, and end up disliking both sizes, so hope this would be my solution.

When I opened the package, my first thought was "Good god these look small." My second was "In theory they should fit really well calm down." Also to note is that they're not hemmed. They have bar tacks up the leg, so oyu could cut them to your desired size. Lululemon will hem Ivivva stuff, so they might hem these.

So, here are the pictures. Yes I am currently awaiting my fine arts awards. They are terrible and I am aware of that. I'm wearing size 6 inspire crops from Lulu, the Ivivva rhythmic crops in 14, and speed shorts in a size 4.

- The Inspires give me a little bit of muffinage, and feel pretty tight in the calves. They're great for running and this size never slips down or anything when I'm running.
- The Ivivvas feel about the same. Holding them up together, there's maybe a half-inch difference in the waistband. They also feel snug and supportive, in a good way.
- Speeds also poke in right at my back bacon area, but feel really comfy.

- The Ivivva crops seem to be a little bit longer. It's negligible. This might be an issue if I decide to hem them. For reference, I take a 34" inseam. If you normally get stuff hemmed at Lulu, you're good to go for sure.

- Yeah that's my *ss. Looks not too bad, so this definitely is a point in the "keep them" column.

- If you're a solid 4, you can definitely swing Ivivva size 14. If you're a 2, you could probably size down. If you're a 6 in speed shorts, it might be tight.
- I find power luxtreme fits a little small, so other things might be OK if you're a 6.
- I am curious if these give me too much muffin top. Please let me know if they do.
- They feel really supportive. I think they'd be good for running. No drawstring but they're tight enough without it for me.
- I think the shirts would fit me OK, except I have freakishly long arms. If you've got a short torso, you could definitely swing their tanks.
- I'll probably keep them if Lulu can hem them without taking too much length off.


  1. Ivivva's look like a lower rise. Muffin top (or lack!) seems equal. My test is trying out a couple different favorite tanks/tees with the bottoms to see if there's anything noticeable at the waist through the shirt fabric. I like the phrase "back bacon" hahaha.

  2. OMG! I am a size 4 in wunder unders at lulu- I have been sitting here with a size 12 of the ivivva crops in my cart debating if they are going to fit for the last half an hour, I decided to Google and I found your glad i did they fit you amazing!!! I am so hitting purchase. You are not cheap- you are crafty! I have been dying to buy from them to save as well- I pay for lulu for the fabrics.

  3. What would a size 10 ivivva jacket be in lululemon?

    1. It wouldn't fit into lulu, but almost a 2

    2. It wouldn't fit into lulu, but almost a 2

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  6. If I can wear a size 4 in the tanks of lulu without the built in bra what size would I be in ivivva? I'm 4ft 11 and 104 pounds

  7. im a size 12 in ivivva so what size would i be in lulu (I'm this size in everything sometimes a 10)?

    1. You would be a 2 in lululemon and you would be a 0 in runner shorts or flowy tanks although idk if they have a 0. I wear a 14 ivivva and a 12 ivivva in runner shorts and flowy tanks and a 4 in lululemon and a 2 in lulu runner shorts/flowy tanks. I am 11 years old and 4' 11"

  8. Im a size 14 in ivivva. I am 5' 4" and 115 pounds, what size lulu leggings would I be?