Sunday, May 8, 2011

A long hiatus, a long hike, and a course that felt very long.

I've been busy and have not updated. To my two followers, I apologize most heartily!

The mister and I went on our longest hike yet, part of our training for Half Dome. 23 kilometres, lots of hills, rated "very challenging." Obviously how we want to spend our Saturday! So it was off and up to outside Orangeville, back into the Hockley area.

The hike started out walking up a road that was basically a giant-ass hill. And it got worse from there. Well, actually, I had been expecting terribleness so it wasn't so bad. We only got "misdirected" twice (the first rule of Hike Club - if you don't see the trail flashings on the trees, GO BACK to the last place you sa them!). Overall a great hike, didn't feel too bad afterwards, but a lot of exposed walking along roads, and I got a bit burnt. But, I am feeling slightly more confident about Half Dome, thought it is doubtful that it will be open in time!

As for the course that felt very long, I did the Nike "Run GIRL Run" 10km run on Friday. It was through the Nike store run club, which lends you shoes/gear for a run to try out then gives you smoothies/massages/manicures post-run ALL FOR FREE! The course wasn't posted beforehand, so my friend and I had no idea what we'd gotten ourselves into.

The first maybe 800 metres was twisty twisty twisty small hills, with no room for passing, then onto a muddy trail, where we had to go to the end, turn, run to the other end, turn, then back to the first end, and then back, and then down to the finish line. OR SO I THOUGHT.

So, I did the last turn (what I thought was the last turn) and buuurrrrrneeed it to what I thought was the last downhill - only to realize we had to go BACK through the twisty twisty twisty bit. Kill me! But, I made it to the end, and beat both my "public" goal time, and my "private, less achieveable so I am not going to tell anyone about it" goal time - just under 5:15/km!

Today I am trying to talk myself into going for a run, partly because I want to hit 600km on my Nike+ and partly because I have cute new shorts to wear. <: ) I'm vain like that, I'll admit it.

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  1. I like that you have both the "public" and the "private" goals. I kind of have those too :-)

    Welcome back!

    Follower # 2 :-)