Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A look into my psyche.


I stopped into a beauty supply store today and bought some of my old standby hair product, and I am more thrilled out it than I would care to admit. In terms of joy, this is up there with the time I thought The Mister convinced me to get rid of my old mega-comfy holey jeans, and then one day I realized that I hadn't and they were still in my closet!

This also kind of reminds me that my life is somewhat shallow, and I am somewhat okay with that.

What does this all day about me? In my defense, I have curly hair and curly-haired people know how important the right hair product can be.


  1. curly hair here too! what's your favorite product?

  2. I've got a few that I'm liking lately! Now that it's summer I'm using Aveeno gel creme, and it's pretty good. I'm surprised how good it is actually at holding curls and not getting to crazy frizzy.

    The product that I keep going back to though is Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. It's much pricier than the Aveeno stuff but it rarely lets me down!

    And, I love my spin pins for putting it back at work!

  3. So I found the Aveeno stuff you mentioned (didn't even know they made hair stuff!). Aveeno was $7 at my grocery store, the Paul Mitchell stuff was $25. I went for the Aveeno, maybe I'll talk myself into trying PM when I run out. But after 2 days of use in 70-85% humidity and 90-98F temperatures... I am really pleased! Thanks for the recommendation.