Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Post #15, in which my fears of snow are justified.

Well, due to the crazy snow, one of our campgrounds is closed and our reservation there is cancelled. We did some last-minute re-scheduling, we're going to Death Valley and the Mojave desert instead of Mammoth/Mono Lakes!

Upside: I wanted to go to the Mojave our last trip, but we didn't have time!

Downside: 40 degrees during the day.

Upside: It looks awesome and we don't have to rely on questionable roads that might not be open going into Yosemite because we'll be taking a different route.

Downside: 29 degrees at night.

Upside: Lava tube! Sand dunes!

Downside: I think 40 degrees during the day counts as 2 downsides. I am not a "heat person." I like a cool comfortable 23-27 degrees and that's about it. So 40 degrees will be, ah, interesting.

In other news: Running along the boardwalk is much more difficult on the weekends! I went yesterday afternoon, and the boardwalk was so crowded it was hard to run around everyone, AND there were funnel cakes, cotton candy, and hot dogs stands along the boardwalk. Um, it is hard to run past funnel cake. The smell! It kills me. Although it did remind me why I run!

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