Wednesday, May 11, 2011

upside/downside: run commuting

I've been running home from work consistently enough now to call myself a run commuter. So, today I will discuss with myself/my two followers the pluses and minuses of run commuting. Keep in mind that I only run home because we don't have showers at work and I'm a sweaty beast-girl.

Minus: I don't run in the mornings anymore.
This is my own fault. My run home is only 4.5k, I could easily do another short run in the am if I wanted to. I am hoping to start doubling up a bit next week.

Plus: It's hard to skip this workout.
I have to get home somehow and public transit makes me rage because people can often be rude and inconsiderate on the streetcar. And walking takes so long! So, even if I'm tired, it's better to slog through a run than walk or spend 3$ for the streetcar (I'm sooooo cheap).

Minus: It's hard to skip this workout.
Sometimes I want to be a lazy slug.

Plus: I can justify buying more cute running stuff.
Since I don't have car payments/insurance/a transit pass, spending 60$ on shorts that I'll wear from April through October to run home seems really reasonable!

Minus: I wear a backpack everyday which kind of makes me feel like a kid.
I guess this is sort of not a fair minus, because it's not like I have lots of high-end handbags that I'd be using if it weren't for the backpack. And I wear jeans and a t-shirt almost every single day, so it's not like I look like a 29-year old anyway.

Plus: Running every day means that I need more fuel.
Which, obvs, means more cookies.

SIDENOTE! There's a bakery outlet down my street that have frozen cookie dough balls, 2 dozen for 1.50$. They are in a random freezer, which could contain fruit, pies, frozen veggies, or something else, but lately has been cookie dough. M+M cookies, fresh out of the oven? Yah, that's run fuel.

So, I guess I currently have a like/mild dislike relationship with it. I guess the tipping PLUS would be that people at work think I am really hardcore, which is pretty cool.

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