Wednesday, May 18, 2011

worried about snow.

Yes, It's May here and even though I live in Canada the snow is gone. But, it is not gone from Yosemite yet, and highway 120 is closed and odds of Half Dome being open are bleak.

The Man and I made plans for each possible scenario (120 open, 120 closed, half dome open, half dome closed) so I know we'll still have fun in Yosemite despite being unable to climb Half Dome.

Does it make me a bad person that I am a teeny bit relieved that it might be closed?


We've had rain here since last Friday. Last weekend was one of 2 weekends The Man has off THIS ENTIRE SUMMER that isn't booked with a wedding/something already. So it was gardening weekend despite the rain. And by "gardening" what I really mean is "manual labour involving digging up large swathes of our backyard, which is mostly clay." It was thoroughly unpleasant but our yard is now starting to look like a yard, which will be great in a few weeks if we can get some sunshine and actually plant all the plants we bought!

So, here's to hoping for sunshine and crazy nice here and in Cali!

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