Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I am a bad dog mom.

Pretext - when I am sick/injured, I either assume that a) it is absolutely nothing, or b) it is life-threatening, i.e., this headache is an aneurysm! When people I care about are sick, it's ALWAYS case b. Husband (Husby!) has sore shins after running the other day and I was stressed out that he might have bone cancer. Ridiculous, I know.

So, when we realized last night that our little dog had been drinking out of the toilet, I worried that our toilet cleaner might cause her to stop breathing in the middle of the night and she would die. She's also been really itchy, which we thought might be from toilet water.

Anyway, she breathed all night, in fact she SNORED and trotted around and was in general highly annoying. Husby gave up at 5am, and took her out (he's working nights, so he figured he could go back to sleep all morning, while I had to go to work. When he got back, he said "she's got hives." I have never had hives or really seen hives, and was all "How do you know?" and he said "LOOK at her."

Have you ever seen a dog with hives? IT IS TERRIBLE!!! Google image it if you want to be freaked out a little. It looks like alien nodules all over their body. : (

Which would explain why she was fussy and weird last night. We've already started switching her food, which we think might be the cause of the itch, to something more hypoallergenic - kangaroo. Yes, our dog is eating kangaroo kibble. This supposedly a very hypoallergenic source of protein, and should rule out our chicken/fish based food as the cause of her itch. Husby also ran to get her some benadryl (antihistamine) which he said took the hives away pretty quickly.

All in all she is not hive-y anymore, but I feel like a bad person for wanting her to shut up last night while she was having hivey agony!

Oh, also, the hives could be from either of the 2 new types of treats we gave her last night. : \ One is a chicken-based treat and the other is lamb lung. Lamb lung and kangaroo, this dog's got some expensive tastes. Husby sure does know how to pick high-maintenance ladies.

I'll go back to talking about running and stuff in the next post, probably.

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