Thursday, August 25, 2011

ramping it up and a competition : \

Ramping it up! I've been making my long runs slightly longer each week, Sunday was a 16km run while listening to Mockingjay. I'll be sad when the book is done, but I think I'll try Harry Potter audiobooks next.

The 16km was not terrible, but my usual route is not built for that distance - it's more of a good 12 to 14km route, so doing 16km involved a lot of looping around, which was kind of lame. I've got my sights on another route for longer distances - along the Don River, on a recreational trail. There should be fewer pedestrians, which will be nice.

Competition! There's a Nike+ competition at work, it's basically the design company vs. the advertising copany. COMPETITIONS REALLY STRESS ME OUT. I don't know why. It's a "collective group distance challenge," so it's not like I am personally responsible for the success/failure of my team, but I really worry that I will be judged if I suck (I know in my head I won't actually be judged). But, I spent the afternoon after clicking "accept" stressing out and I think I had hypertension and high blood pressure and mild panic. I realize that I am crazy.

This weekend there will be no long run, I'm off to New Jersey! Route has been planned around hitting Yogurtland, a Trader Joe's, some outlets, breweries, and a spot that was on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives! So, I will be sad to not run, but fresh legs to start the competition!

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