Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A wedding, a hurricane, a road trip

Well, the road trip was for the wedding, which was in New Jersey, in the hurricane!

We definitely got some weird looks from people on our way whem we said we were headed straight towards it. I'm sure they think Canadians are crazy now.

Highlights of the trip! Stopping at 2 places from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and getting new stuff for running at an outlet mall in PA.

If you're near Edison, NJ, I MUST IMPLORE you to stop at the Skylark Diner! I had a 'thanksgiving sandwich' with stuffing and turkey and cranberries. Om noms.

Got new shoes and a tee at the Adidas outlet. There is an Adidas store about 3 minutes walk from my work (also a Lululemon...dangerous), but it has NO running stuff - just track suits and street shoes. LAME.

Anyway, wedding was lovely and went off without a hitch or loss of power, we almost got stuck in Edison township after getting off the NJ Parkway, because 4 lanes were flooded out and the little Versa was not up to crossing the giant lake. Driving the wrong way on an empty parkway is an interesting experience!

In Edison township, it seemed like every road we tried to take was a) flooded with a giant lake, b) crossed by a river of fast flowing water, or c) had a tree across it. Would have been helpful if a) we had a map, or b) anywhere that sold maps was open.

Drove the sister and brother in law back, they couldn't get a flight out from Newark, but they could from TO. It was great because it meant that we got to bring back more craft beer than we had anticipated as they had only carryon luggage and couldn't take any! What can I say.....we only get Sam Adams lager here, so this is all "fancy beer!" (Yes even the Michelob Ultra don't judge me I like light beer.)


  1. Edison...30 minutes north from me on Route 1! Your description of the giant lakes, rivers, or trees is exactly what it was like here in Lawrenceville, NJ too. We were dogsitting/housesitting for friends 4 miles from our apt and couldn't get back to our apt for the very same reasons.

    EXCELLENT beer choices. We should be beer friends. Magic Hat and Long Trail are some great Vermont breweries. We did the Magic Hat tour/beer tasting about 6 years ago in the middle of a blizzard. We were skiing at Stowe and that was our planned day off from skiing. So we were set on driving to Burlington for the beer regardless of the weather.

  2. Ha ha that is awesome that you can recognize Long Trail in that picture! We got the sample pack, also Blackbeary Wheat.

    I love me some wheat beer. If you're down with that, and accept that I drink light beer sometimes, we can most def be beer friends ; )